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released methodology

How we plan, deliver and release


Every project is treated as its own discrete entity. There is no cross over between projects, and team members see only what they need to see. Projects include work that needs to be done, code which is software or other artifacts, documentation which speaks for iteself, builds which construct your software assets and test them and releases which place them in staging and production

Creatives Discussing Project


We manage project via a catalog of work, split into iterations or sprints. Work consists of the following types:

  • User Stories are large scale outcomes

  • Tasks are discrete things to be built

  • Bugs are things which need to be fixed

  • Tests are unique tests which must pass for the software to be released

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Years of experience has shown us that documentation is as important today as it has ever been. We treat documentation as software; it must be robust, fit for purpose and tested to ensure it works every time. We don't ship documentation with spelling or gramattical errors and only accept the best.

Startup Development Team

Build and Release

Moving your project into staging and production is commonly a very painful manual process. We work hard to automate the build, test and release process, meaning you can release more often, with the full knowledge that every release works, passes all tests and is fit for purpose.

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